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100 Days of code of beer left on the wall?

OK so i’ve decided to take one of these stupid challenges. It’s not for charity or for tater tots, it’s for me. Crap. Now I want tater tots.

I stumbled into this on medium

and I thought - damn thats a pretty badass idea. I’d love to say I could back date myself to July when I started bootcamp - but I’ve taken some serious days ‘off’ and let my brain take a vacation when I’ve gotten stressed or tired or sunburned or cholera on the Oregon Trail.

oregon trail

So I decided to do it. Even though challenges are stupid and there are no tater tots for prizes and now I’m really hungry for tater tots.



Yesterday I made a pull request to a friend’s repo for his MagicMirror Surf Conditions repo. I’m not a fan of how Magic Mirror uses this for EVERYTHING but it works. Which is really annoying.

annnnnd I’m officially on day 2.