I am a developer.


For the past few years, I've pursued a lifelong dream of being a professional boat captain. I've seen and experienced a good many adventures, I've been the captain of many different yachts, and I've been able to see the world from the perspective of the Captain's chair. The experience taught me a lot about myself and helped me grow as a person.

But, deep down, more than anything else, it taught me that am a technologist. I like to create things. I like to make things work. I am a developer.

In my former life, I specialized in complex UNIX shell scripting, Linux system administration, and complex, specialized software integration. I worked in a variety of roles and enjoyed the diversity that each brought. However most had a common theme: writing custom scripts and making software 'talk' to each other.

Early in 2017, I answered the call of technology and decided to explore my first passion more deeply. I reinvested in my skills in an effort to return to that first love and enrolled in A full stack web development course at Rutgers, And now, I've worked intensively with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, NodeJS and dabbled in a dozen other technologies and libraries. I am currently in a ReactJS deep dive and immersing myself in this awesome technology.

I've combined my these things with my previous skills in Linux administration, shell scripting, system architecture. I run and configure my own servers, from the backend administration to the front-end web UI.

I have emerged more well-rounded as a technologist than I was before. My experiences as a captain were invaluable in teaching me lessons in life. My experience as a developer is fully realized, and no I embark on the next voyage in the realm of software development.

Take a look at my resume and see what I have to offer.

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## Part 1 of who the hell knows. [My latest project](https://github.com/CaptainJimmy/magicmirror-react) is a soup to nuts re-write of a popular smart mirror application. My friend wrote a Module for....


About This Website / Webserver

This is a custom site created entirely by me on a hardened linux server configured entirely by me. The webserver is a standalone linux server on Linode.com running Ubuntu linux. The webserver is served via nginx in a reverse proxy, serving requests to NodeJS/Express server for web content and API routes, and Hexo.io for blogging software. The server is hardened and secured via ssl certificates, ufw and ssh tunnelling. This server creates pages dynamically with Express and the Pug rendering and templating engine.

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Recent Projects

Hangman, in React!

This is a React version / redesign / revisit of a game I wrote in jQuery, which was a redesign of a game I wrote in vanilla javaScript. The original game used keyboard inputs, which doesn't operate well at all in a mobile format. Uses React 16.2, create-react-app, react-bootstrap libraries.

RESTful Burger Builder

A simple front end for a 'burger builder' to make CRUD routes, and make the DOM interact and re-write after API calls. NodeJS, Express, MySQL, Sequelize, jQuery, RESTful, SwaggerIO

Flea-Commerce, An E-Commerce Site

This is a built-from-scratch, lightweight, and secure E-Commerce site. The domain is hosted on a hardened linux server, served via SSL, and firewalled from outside penetration attempts. NGINX Reverse Proxy, NodeJS/Express Server, MySQL Database, Sequelize ORM, RESTFUL API and admin console, PUG Templating Engine.

HarborMaster Beta

A mobile-first app for the small passenger vessel industry, allowing for the management of the vessel(s) in the fleet, fuel levels, trip manifest logging, consumables such as engine oil, maintenance, beverages, and consumable supplies on hand. JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Firebase, AJAX, Google OAuth.

NY Times API Portal

This uses 3 different NYT APis. Content is generated with jquery calls to the DOM / Form elements, and AJAX calls to the NYtimes APIs (search, top stories, and most popular). Content is created in its own bootstrap containers as needed and prepended to the DOM elements, along with searches by keywords and dates. Toolsets used: APIs, Jquery, Ajax, JSON, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Date Validation.

A Javascript Game and JQuery Hangman.

Originally written in vanilla JS with no libraries and no API, I rewrote this with JQuery and an on-screen keyboard made with Bootstrap buttons. This also uses an API call to pull a random word. JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, Modals, DOM Manipulation.

Help The Butter Robot Game

A JQuery Game with a Rick and Morty theme. Bootstrap, Jquery, Modals, Javascript, Random Number Generation, DOM Manipulation

Game of Thrones Trivia

A Trivia Game with Game of Thrones themed questions on a response timer. The questions are stock and kept locally in an Object.. Bootstrap, JQuery, Modals, Javascript, DOM Manipulation, Timers

Trivia API with OTDB API

A Trivia Game, Similar with Game of Thrones themed trivia, however heavily ported to use random questions from Open Trivia Database, using their API. The questions are on a response timer, and pulled randomly from the DB with AJAX calls for API Tokens and questions. AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, Modals, Javascript, DOM Manipulation, Timers

A Giphy API Portal

Giphy API Content is generated with jquery calls to the DOM, buttons are generated dynamically, and the button clicks pull 10 pictures from the selected topic from a random offset with AJAX. Jquery events are used for button clicks, and to change the .gif state between animated and still. Toolsets used: Bootstrap, Jquery, Ajax, JSON, Random Database Offsets (to provide different content if available from the DB), Javascript, CSS

BootStrap Portfolio

A simple Bootstrap, reactive portfolio. Fontawesome Icons, Stock Javascript Dropdown Menus and Bootstrap Active Nav Bars, CSS Animations

A Train Scheduler with Firebase

A Simple scheduling app, using Firebase as a backend database for persistent data. AJAX, APIs, Event Listeners, JQuery, JavaScript, Mobile friendly.

I like all kinds of stuff!

Does it move? Does it go? Does it shoot fire? Is it loud?

  • I am interested in all forms of technology, especially mobile web portals and apps, and server architecture.

  • I am a semi-professional kayak fisherman who is sponsored by The Kayak Fishing Store as a Pro Staff member.

  • I like almost all forms and genres of music, currently I am listening to electronica, classic and southern rock.

  • I am ALWAYS working on something new. Check out my github or my blog to see what I'm working on